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Cam­girl Dia­ry: 10 Solu­tions to Stay Safe & Sound

Cam­girl Dia­ry: 10 Solu­tions to Stay Safe & Sound

Nowa­days, a lot of girls especial­ly young that still stu­dy in col­le­ges and uni­ver­si­ties want to beco­me cam ladies. Actual­ly, it is not dif­ficult and pret­ty eve­ry­one can be one. The­re are plen­ty of onli­ne came­ra ser­vices whe­re girls can regis­ter and start ser­ving curious cus­to­mers onli­ne. We deci­ded to do an inves­ti­ga­tion and find out how safe it is to be an onli­ne play­ma­te.

Here are 10 rea­sons why this source of inco­me is not secu­re and 10 cam girl tips that will help you to play safe:

Problem #1 Not enough shows
Eve­ry cam girls site offers the job to ladies 24/7. Howe­ver, how popu­lar you are it depends on your crea­ti­vi­ty. Expe­rienced girls do 5 shows a day $3 per minu­te. One show can last for at least 15 minu­tes, so you can get $45. Five shows a day comes to $225. But if you just are a begin­ner, do not rely on such money.

The solu­tion: Regis­ter at a few cam ser­vices at the same time to att­ract as many cus­to­mers as pos­sible.

Problem #2 It is hard and slow
Cam girl jobs are not as easy as you may think. Girls that sit in front of the came­ras and do wha­te­ver to get money also get tired and frustra­ted. If you want to gain a few hundreds of dol­lars, you will have to deal with rude and insis­tent cus­to­mers.

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The solu­tion: Set your rules and do what your conscious­ness allows you. Otherwi­se, you will get frustra­ted with nas­ty men that will treat you as a toy.

Problem #3 Misun­ders­tan­ding
If you have a reli­gious fami­ly or friends with strong social norms, you may face misun­ders­tan­ding.

The solu­tion: Simply keep your job in a sec­ret to avoid being jud­ged or try to explain to people that you enjoy your work.

Problem #4 Com­mis­sion
Cam girls ser­vices take com­mis­sion from your inco­me. A long you are offe­ring your ser­vices at the site, it will take from 35 to 65% com­mis­sion.

The solu­tion: Crea­te your own site and get cus­to­mers. If you invest money in your own busi­ness and do your best to make it success­ful, you may beco­me the most famous cam model in the nea­rest futu­re.

Problem #5 Self-moti­va­tion
Wor­king as a sexy model that poses in front of a came­ra may be very enter­tai­ning in the begin­ning. Howe­ver, you can start hating it after a few weeks. Knowing that men want to see you naked and doing what they desi­re is not plea­sant in a long run.

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The solu­tion: You must kick your arse even if you feel tired or sick of your work.

Problem #6 Stran­ge cus­to­mers
Taking a bra off and playing with your­self are not the only things cus­to­mers ask live girls on cams. Some clients may be real maniacs and have stran­ge desi­res. You will defi­ni­te­ly not have fun enter­tai­ning men that you are sca­red of.

The solu­tion: Think twice whet­her you are wil­ling to do anyt­hing for money. Desc­ri­be what ser­vice you offer and sha­re your time onli­ne with people that seek things that you do with joy.

Problem #7 Lack of res­pect
Apart from having misun­ders­tan­dings with your fami­ly and friends, you may struggle to build a rela­tions­hip with men. Get rea­dy to be jud­ged as a lot of people make assump­tions about you as a per­son based on your job.

The solu­tion: If you meet a man you want to build a rela­tions­hip with, tell him about your work. Only a per­son who real­ly likes you and wants to be with you will take you as you are. May­be you will meet the right per­son on a cam ser­vice and your onli­ne ses­sions will soon turn into real dates.

Problem #8 No attach­ment
If you think of eve­ry ses­sion as somet­hing very serious, you soon beco­me depres­sed. Some cus­to­mers will be cree­py 100%. Howe­ver, some of them will be very poli­te and plea­sant.

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The solu­tion: Do not take this job serious­ly. Some women that work as came­ra models are great mot­hers and loving wives. Webcam girls is a name of the job but not who you are.

Problem #9 Scam­mers
Your video shows may be recor­ded and your nude pho­tos may be placed on porn sites. The­re are a lot of scam­mers on the inter­net and it is not a surpri­se.

The solu­tion: Use only trust­ful came­ra sites that do not allow cus­to­mers to sha­re the mate­rials.

Problem #10 Making money is not a gua­ran­tee
If you still like the idea of being a, you should know that it is not the job that will make you inde­pen­dent in a short time.

The solu­tion: Try to work as a cam model for a few hours a day first. See if you like it and whet­her you are good at it. If you have a full-time job, do not quit yet. You never know what waits for you at a cam site.