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Enter for to be able to Pro­fit $250 wit­hin our Essay Prompt Sweeps­ta­kes

Enter for to be able to Pro­fit $250 wit­hin our Essay Prompt Sweeps­ta­kes

Sha­re your abso­lu­te best res­pon­ses to the new essay prompts for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win big.

OkCu­pid is defi­ni­te­ly a loca­tion for people to ful­fill pre­dica­ted on what counts in their mind — which can be why we’ve recent­ly added 50 brand new essay prompts that assist arri­ve at the core of who you real­ly are. And begin­ning now, you’ll have actual­ly the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win a $250 Visa e-gift card only for fil­ling one out.

This com­pe­ti­tion ope­ra­tes from Februa­ry 5 at 10 AM EST through Mon­day Februa­ry 13 at 10 AM EST mon­day. Here’s how exact­ly to enter:

1. React to a brand new prompt on the OkCu­pid pro­fi­le (to loca­te them, open your OkCu­pid pro­fi­le into the softwa­re or on the inter­net and select a unique prompt through the drop-down menu).

2. Simply take a screens­hot from it and eit­her post it to Ins­ta­gram or Twit­ter, and can inclu­de the next into the cap­tion: “ @okcupid” the hash­tags “#mybe­stres­pon­se” “#myOkCu­pid­pro­fi­le” and “#con­test”./p>

3. You need to addi­tio­nal­ly be fol­lowing OkCu­pid on whic­he­ver chan­nel you post on — eit­her Ins­ta­gram or Twit­ter.

4. We’ll DM the cham­pion in the chan­nel that is res­pec­ti­ve.

The­re­fo­re rea­dy your migh­tiest sen­tences and a lot of favo­ri­te words for a pos­sibli­ty to win. Our most rea­di­ly use­ful advice? Be real, and start to beco­me your self. In the end, it is your dating pro­fi­le.



1. Adver­ti­sing and Spon­sor. Par­tici­pa­tion into the OkCup > adver­ti­sing (the “Pro­mo­tion”) cons­ti­tu­tes Entrant’s (as defi­ned below) comple­te and agree­ment that is uncon­di­tio­nal the­se for­mal gui­de­li­nes. Ent­rant is free to disclaim any reward and sta­tus as Ent­rant, so that as outco­me won’t be entit­led to get any award. The adver­ti­sing is spon­so­red and admi­nis­te­red by Humor Rain­bow, Inc., 555 wes­tern eigh­teenth Street, 4th Floor, ny, New York 10011 (“Spon­sor”). All deci­sions associa­ted with, in addi­tion to all interpre­ta­tion of, the­se rules that are official Spon­sor are last and bin­ding. Alt­hough this adver­ti­sing might be pro­mo­ted via social media mar­ke­ting web sites, such sites aren’t con­nec­ted to Spon­sor or this adver­ti­sing. This adver­ti­sing is in abso­lu­te­ly no way spon­so­red, endor­sed or admi­nis­te­red by, or rela­ted to Twit­ter, Twit­ter, Ins­ta­gram, Snapc­hat or other web web web site or medium that might host con­tent whe­re infor­ma­tion concer­ning this adver­ti­sing is publis­hed or pos­ted (col­lec­ti­ve­ly “Con­tent Hosts”). Ent­rant is pro­vi­ding infor­ma­tion just to Spon­sor and never to infor­ma­tion Hosts.

2. Adver­ti­sing Period. The adver­ti­sing starts at 10:00 a.m. ET on 5, 2018, and ends at 10:00 a.m februa­ry. ET on 13, 2018 (the “Pro­mo­tion Period”) februa­ry. Just ent­ries recei­ved and sub­mit­ted throug­hout the mar­ke­ting Period is like­ly to be accep­ted. Spon­sor is the official time­kee­per with this adver­ti­sing.

3. Eli­gi­bi­li­ty. The mar­ke­ting is avai­lable simply to appropria­te resi­dents of just one for the 50 Uni­ted Sta­tes or the District of Colum­bia, age 18 or older, whom during the time of ent­ry have actual­ly a legi­ti­ma­te and acti­ve account that is okCu­pid Twit­ter or Ins­ta­gram account, and fol­low @okcupid on Ins­ta­gram or Twit­ter. Wor­kers or agents of Spon­sor or its moms and dad or affi­lia­te orga­niza­tions, ven­dors, ven­dors, experts, sub-cont­rac­tors, suppliers, a lawyer, or mar­ke­ting, adver­ti­sing, adver­ti­sing, or promotional/fulfillment agencies, along with the ins­tant fami­ly mem­bers (part­ner, moms and dads, siblings and kids) and fami­ly mem­bers of eve­ry such wor­ker or repre­sen­ta­ti­ve, are not eli­gible. Appropria­te enti­ties aren’t qua­li­fied to enter. Eli­gi­bi­li­ty is con­tin­gent upon cont­ract to, con­for­mi­ty with, and satis­fac­tion of most needs of tho­se rules that are official. Par­tici­pa­tion into the mar­ke­ting in in any man­ner, inclu­ding distri­bu­tion of eve­ry ent­ry or the par­tial comple­tion of eve­ry work of ent­ry or other action taken ful­ly to be invol­ved in the Pro­mo­tion in vir­tual­ly any way, compri­ses comple­te and uncon­di­tio­nal agree­ment with all con­di­tions of tho­se for­mal gui­de­li­nes.

4. Just how to Enter. NO BUY REQUI­RED. ACQUI­SI­TIONS USUAL­LY DO NOT INC­REA­SE PRO­BA­BI­LI­TY OF WIN­NING. The­re clear­ly was one stra­te­gy of ent­ry. By taking part in the mar­ke­ting in just about any means you may be an “Ent­rant.” Each Ent­rant whom goes into uti­lizing the under approach to ent­ry will get one ent­ry wit­hin the adver­ti­sing. Limi­ta­tion one qua­li­fied ent­ry per indi­vi­dual and per OkCu­pid account.

Social networ­king Ent­ry: through the mar­ke­ting Period, Spon­sor may have avai­lable all pro­fi­le that is okCu­pid to all or any valid and acti­ve OkCu­pid pages. You are going to imme­dia­te­ly be an Ent­rant and recei­ve one ent­ry when you look at the Pro­mo­tion by log­ging into the OkCu­pid account and upgra­ding your pro­fi­le by com­po­sing a ini­tial reac­tion to a new OkCu­pid pro­fi­le prompt, using an ima­ge or screens­hot of one’s reac­tion, and publis­hing the pic­tu­re or screens­hot in your Twit­ter or Ins­ta­gram account along side a men­tion of @okcupid whi­le the hash­tags #mybe­stres­pon­se, #myOkCu­pid­pro­fi­le, and #con­test.

Each ent­ry must inclu­de” that is“@okcupid the hash­tags “#mybe­stres­pon­se” and “#myOkCu­pid­pro­fi­le” and “#con­test” to qua­li­fy. Ent­ries wit­hout “@okcupid” and “#mybe­stres­pon­se” and that is“#myOkCupidprofile “#con­test” will like­ly be disqua­li­fied.

Ent­ries should never depict the model of eve­ry other busi­ness or item, or inclu­de any lewd, vul­gar, indecent, defa­ma­to­ry, disc­ri­mi­na­to­ry, obsce­ne, unplea­sant or con­duct that is ille­gal pro­duct. Ent­ries should never inva­de or infrin­ge the rights of eve­ry other per­son or enti­ty, inclu­ding, howe­ver restric­ted to, pri­vacy, pro­mo­tion, and intel­lec­tual pro­per­ty legal rights. Ent­ries should never inclu­de any adver­ti­se­ments, “spam” con­tent, or sources with other ser­vices and pro­ducts, pro­vi­des, or sites. Ent­ries should never inclu­de any e-mail details, names of domain or Address links, cell pho­ne num­bers, real details, or other types of con­tact or infor­ma­tion that is per­so­nal. Any ent­ry that doesn’t con­form to the­se for­mal gui­de­li­nes should be con­si­de­red ine­li­gible and may even be asian wife dele­ted during the single discern­ment of Spon­sor.

Ent­ries from reports which are not desig­na­ted “public” or which are not otherwi­se noticeable or searc­hable by Spon­sor making use of stan­dard social media trac­king and moni­to­ring tools will undoub­ted­ly be disqua­li­fied. Ent­rant agrees that adver­ti­sing ent­ries might be offe­red by Spon­sor for viewing, rating, reviewing and com­men­ting because of people. All pri­vacy expec­ta­tions that Ent­rant may have otherwi­se had with res­pect to any ent­ry by ente­ring this Pro­mo­tion, Ent­rant wai­ves.

5. Con­di­tions of Ent­ry. By ente­ring or taking part in this adver­ti­sing, Ent­rant agrees to be limi­ted by the­se rules that are official the choices of Spon­sor and its par­ticu­lar aut­ho­rized repre­sen­ta­ti­ves, that are last and bin­ding in eve­ry issues concer­ning this adver­ti­sing. Ent­ries may­be may­be not legi­ti­ma­te­ly sub­mit­ted prior to the­se rules that are official void. Just qua­li­fied ent­ries got­ten by Spon­sor through the mar­ke­ting Period meet the cri­te­ria for invol­ve­ment. All ent­ries end up being the home of Spon­sor and won’t be retur­ned or ack­now­led­ged.

Ent­rants might be expec­ted to supply the infor­ma­tion that is fol­lowing qua­li­fy for an adver­ti­sing reward: very first, midd­le and final tit­le, month, time and 12 months of deli­ve­ry, email, comple­te mai­ling tar­get (inclu­ding town, sta­te or province/territory, and zip or pos­tal rule) and telep­ho­ne num­ber (inclu­ding area rule) (col­lec­ti­ve­ly or indi­vi­dual­ly, “Per­so­nal Infor­ma­tion”). All asked for pri­va­te infor­ma­tion should be supplied to be invol­ved in the adver­ti­sing also to meet the requi­re­ments to win a reward. Unin­tel­li­gible ent­ries; ent­ries with incomple­te, inva­lid, wrong or infor­ma­tion that is noncur­rent ent­ries which can be fake, dama­ged or tam­pe­red with by any means; and ent­ries with publis­hing, manu­fac­tu­ring or typo­grap­hical mis­ta­kes will soon be disqua­li­fied. Ent­ries which can be bela­ted, lost, dama­ged, mis­di­rec­ted, sto­len or otherwi­se not deli­ve­red are per­haps per­haps per­haps not the duty of Spon­sor and you will be disqua­li­fied. Spon­sor just isn’t res­pon­sible in cases whe­re a pros­pec­ti­ve cham­pion does per­haps may­be may­be not recei­ve his / her reward because erro­neous, expi­red, cance­led, frau­du­lent, or fake infor­ma­tion was supplied during Pro­mo­tion. Proof of sent ent­ry and/or ent­ry receipt (such as for example a con­tent of the “thank you” mes­sa­ge) will not repre­sent proof real receipt of ent­ry by Spon­sor for pur­po­ses of the mar­ke­ting.